Camquip ICS Limited is the proud manufacturer of KLEENOL Household Agents and LILY Laundry products.

  • Lily Laundry Detergents
  • Lily Fabric Softeners
  • Kleenol Dishwashing Liquids
  • Citreen Dishwashing Liquids
  • Kleenbowl Toilet Bowl Cleaners
  • Pine Kleen Disinfectants
  • Kleenol APC Disinfectants

“CAMQUIP ICS LIMITED is now the manufacturer and distributor of a line of Household

Cleaning Products and Industrial Chemicals. Our chemical division is constantly developing new products focusing our goals of becoming a chemical industry leader. We supply our products to local and regional markets. 

As off April 2018, our major distributor is Bryden Pi Limited.

Recently, we embarked upon a journey to make our products more environmentally friendly and introduced Flexible, Eco, Standing pouches to our product line.