Lily Blue Liquid Laundry Detergent

Lily Blue is ideal for washing delicate clothing with its downy fragrance and optical brightening property. Its formula is specifically designed to prevent corrosion of washing machines, and can also be used for manual washing.

Lily Fabric Softener


Lily Fabric Softener is a liquid softener and brightener suitable for all fabrics. It also imparts a high degree of anti-static properties and delinting agents. This results in less creasing, quick drying and easy ironing. Lily helps to extend fabric life and leaves fabrics with a pleasant smell.

Lily White Liquid Laundry Detergent

Lily white is a modern, high quality, heavy duty, liquid laundry detergent specially formulated to brighten colors and whiten whites on all types of fabrics. This product is recommended for both hot & cold water, hand or machine wash. It exhibits maximum washing action with strong foaming and stain removing capabilities, as well as optical brightening. Lily White’s formula holds anti-corrosive elements to prevent rusting of washing machine.



Kleenol Dishkleen

 Kleenol dish-washing liquid is a powerful, PH-balanced liquid, which has been specially formulated with added degreasing properties to tackle the toughest grease and dirt while remaining gentle on your hands. This product is available in both lime and lemon.

All Purpose Cleaner

Kleenol APC (All Purpose Cleaner) is a disinfectant cleaner that kills household germs on contact. It is designed for use on floors, walls and similar surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and all other hard surfaces. Comes in lavender and tropical mist fragrances.


Our Pinekleen Disinfectant is great for keeping all surfaces germ free! Available in both Pine and Pinelime fragrances.

Citreen Dish-washing Liquid

Citreen dish-washing liquid is a thick liquid, which has been specially formulated to remove grease and dirt yet be mild on your hands. It’s pleasant fragrances leaves your dishes smelling clean and fresh.

Kleenbowl Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Our New and Improved Kleenol Bowl Toilet Bowl Cleaner is specially formulated for use in toilet bowls to remove scales, scum and stains. It cleans, deodorizes and kills toilet bowl germs as its thixotrophic properties allow it to slowly cover the entire surface in a downward direction allowing for maximum working time. This product finds additional use on ceramic and porcelain surfaces.